Here’s just a sample of what sorts of questions and topics interest me and which I write about:

  • Science: The purpose of science is to understand the universe and our place in it via empirical observations. Basic fundamental scientific research is the essential starting point. Does valorisation (or knowledge utilisation) stand in the way of innovation? What is the role of the media and the government to the perception of the role of scientific research in society and the public discourse? How do I effectively communicate the innovative nature and impact of my research programme? How do I make science interesting and fun for the non-expert?
  • Philosophy: The goal of philosophy is to reconstruct the origin of our ideas and address them at their most fundamental level. Is there such a thing as the “self” or “free will” or is it an illusion? And anyway does that matter at all? What is “knowledge”, “truth”, “meaning”, or “information”? What can we do with it? Should we necessarily do something with it or to it? The parody of the reasoning: why is it apparently so difficult to conceptualise and define the nature or being of abstract ideas? We use concepts like “time” in our daily without any problems, but try to define it yourself without resorting to paraphrasing. Is reducing these phenomena away or denying their existence a suitable solution or can so-called “ordinary language” philosophy offer an interpretation without oversimplifying things? Where is our (self) consciousness located, are we our brains or do we have a brain? Tackling the hard question in philosophy regarding the nature of the causal relationship between brain processes and the subjective experience. And even whether this is a legitimate question. Are phenomenology or introspection scientifically testable parameters to measure consciousness or is studying our behaviour the only way? What is illusion and does it matter anyhow?
  • Poetry: What is poetry if it does not consist of stuff or particles? In my poems I decode the cacophony of my mental aviary. These mental representations; my thoughts and ideas, my wishes and woes, are all translated in symbolic language with a touch of irony into a form which represents meaning for myself and perhaps for those who read it. It is a wonderful venture to let your imagination run free, and I am very curious what you think of my poetry.
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