My Story
me_2011After 12 years incredible years in academic science, I drastically switched gears and started a writing & editing bureau. I’m a Dutch national although I’ve lived in several countries and went to an international school. I studied Biochemistry in England, and in 2005 I obtained my PhD in Molecular Cell Biology. I then relocated to the Netherlands to work at Utrecht University, first as a post-doc and later as assistant professor. And now I’ve arrived at this point in my life and seriously started pursuing a writing career and decided to go back to university, this time to study Philosophy. People describe me as enthusiastic, original, versatile, innovative, sharp, open-minded, pragmatic, focused and with a good deal of determination and willpower.

Perhaps you’re intrigued or even slightly bemused as to why I decided to give up a successful career in science and start writing instead. Well, in 2013 I suddenly had to stop working due to a chronic metabolic disease. To keep my brain active I started writing on a daily basis. I soon discovered that by experimenting with different writing styles that I could express myself creatively, though still addressing the crucial issue at hand. What a surprise! Writing about science and philosophy, in poetic verse, as a ‘thoughts’ journal, blog, or newspaper article, proved as satisfying as doing experiments alone.
Especially journaling; autobiographical writing is mirroring with words. My own experience? I’m the author, not the narrator. Writing writes its own story. That’s the magic of writing; it’s unpredictable and irresistibly fun. I often find myself speechless by what’s happening on paper. I’m completely flabbergasted. It is this fascination that motivates me to continue to write; (self-)knowledge and meaning that literally crystallises as ink on paper, and reveals itself as a new reality.

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