Already in ancient times, the great Greek philosophers advised their students to keep a few maxims at hand in case of emergency. Sometimes a few inspiring words can quite literally lend a helping hand and guide us the right direction. Provide us with a sense of meaning and purpose. Wisdom to learn to accept, to put into perspective, to motivate, to see opportunities or to realise just how beautiful life can be.

I make tailor-made, personalised word-posters that tell the story of your life or business. This makes every poster as unique as you are. Do you prefer to have a general inspirational quote on your wall, that is possible too. The posters depicted below will give you a taster. But don’t let this limit your imagination, other colours and/or fonts are possible too! For the moment posters can only be printed in A0-A2 & B1-2 format. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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